Brandi & Rebecca Twilley
Birdy in Chains and Nails
April 21 – May 21, 2017

“The series of landscapes of Midwest City Oklahoma show familiar places in the area in which Rebecca currently lives and where I used to live for many years. The images of broken trees, strip mall architecture, and dim celebratory lights are a contrast to Rebecca’s fantasy world of magic and vivid color. The landscapes with trees are of the vacant lot near Rebecca’s former apartments. The Value Village and the Crest Grocery store are former places of employment and the two night scenes are Regional Park during Christmas and Fourth of July. When I go back to visit, Rebecca and I usually set out on foot and end up at the same places, the Value Village, Hobby Lobby, the Dollar Jewelry Store, KFC, Taco Bueno, Crest, and some times the magic store if its open. Each year I see more boarded up buildings where the music store, long John Silvers, Cocina Da Mino’s Mexican Restaurant, and recently the Value Village used to be. Living far away I can look back and mostly remember the good things about living there and can even enjoy returning to Crest to see how it has changed. I can mostly forget what it was like to walk there before dawn and clean the men’s bathroom. Rebecca lives far away too as she states “I believe I live in my art and my art is part of me.” In her world there is magic, bright color, time travel, warrior princesses and benevolent dragons, which help her each day to persevere.” – Brandi
“When I was little I used to like to look at magazines and books on dinasours. Dino was created from the idea of dinasours. Nelphina came from the idea of models, princesses, and magic all put together. Then I drew other things to go with them like angels, warriors, and fairies. Nelphina could turn into all these things. Dino works with Nelphina. Nelphina feeds Dino demons and Nelphina's power is water. Dino's power is changing color and shrinking down. Dino can also put a little protection bubble around him self from harm. Nelphina also has a sword that's her's and other weapons as well. Nelphina has other magic powers too. She is half mermaid and can work with fire. Water is all Nelphina needs to live and she is considered a water God. Nelphina Sophia Mya is her full name. She also has a bird, a cat, and a horse or pegasis named Dakota. Nelphina loves hearts and roses and can put off a power ball and make it bust. They also have angels that work with both of them. I’m always searching to create new things and make my art-work better with ideas. I look and read lots of other art books with people’s different art craft. My people when I first started drawing were little people and cute. When I got older they got bigger and more defined and grown up. Art always changes. As you draw you always get better.” – Rebecca

Brandi Twilley (b. 1982, Oklahoma City, OK) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received her MFA in painting from the School of Art at Yale University and her BFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Recent solo exhibitions include "The Living Room" at Sargent's Daughters in 2016 and "Imaginary Friend" at Lord Ludd, Philadelphia in 2017. 

Rebecca Twilley (b.1986, Oklahoma City, OK) lives and works in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Rebecca's paintings and drawings explore "fantasy, fairy tales, heroes, mystical creatures, time travel, dark arts, and Gothic times." Her work has been exhibited at A.k.a Gallery in Oklahoma City in "Rebecca Twilley and Brandi Twilley," in 2015.

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